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Here in our ‘little piece of paradise’ on the shores of the One Mile we’ve seen many a question popped, proposals happily accepted, vows exchanged, and toasts proposed to good health and good fortune for the future.

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To make an online enquiry about your big day please click here – or you can call us on 07 3409 9022 for a preliminary chat.  Better still, make a day of it if you can and come on over to Straddie to see for yourself why Little Ship Club is so special.

"To love is nothing. To be loved is something. But to love and be loved, that’s everything."

T. Tolis

unrivaled venue and options

With balmy afternoons, panoramic vistas and spectacular sunsets like ours, Little Ship Club is a unique location for the most special of occasions.

As with all our functions and events, we can offer a wide choice from our grounds, gardens and seating areas to suit any size gathering for the wedding or reception (or both!) which you are planning.

Check out our Functions Packages page for more details, or for photos of our beautiful grounds visit our photo gallery.

For more information about our location, and transport options to and from Brisbane, please visit Stradbroke Transport

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December 17, 2019


From 18:00 PM


Little Ship Club - 1 Yabby Street Dunwich QLD 4183



December 18, 2019


From 14:00 PM


Little Ship Club - 1 Yabby Street Dunwich QLD 4183



December 19, 2019


From 10:00 AM


Little Ship Club - 1 Yabby Street Dunwich QLD 4183

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Little Ship Club

1 Yabby Street, Dunwich

Queensland, Australia 4183

Phone: 07 3409 9022

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