Honorary Life Members

Honorary Life Membership is the greatest honour the Club can bestow on a Member, and it is not to be awarded lightly.  A HLM Membership is given to members who have demonstrated Exceptional Merit in the form of contributions to our Club.

PCBrand WebsterCrossed
PCBob PhillipsCrossed
Fishing SectionOwen Eden Crossed
PCTony NeilsonCrossed
PCJimmy MilneCrossed
Honorary AuditorNorm Richards Crossed
Honorary AuditorDes Gerber Crossed
PCBob Binkin Crossed
PCVal Lucas Crossed
Past SecretaryMark Harris Crossed
Honorary SolicitorFred Hemming Crossed
PCPhil Cook
Past SecretaryBob WoodsCrossed
PCJohn Cranley
PCRon AltmannCrossed
PCPhil Maschmedt Crossed
PCArthur Mobsby
Col Barker Crossed
Pam Mobsby
Past Secretary, GFCBetty-Ann WebsterCrossed
PCGraham Bickley
PCKeith Anderson
Alan Early O.A.
PCDarryl HomeCrossed

PC = Past Commodore.  GFC = Game Fishing Captain.  Crossed = Having Crossed over the Bar.