Dress Code

Access to the Little Ship Club (the “Club”) is a privilege and comes with certain rights and responsibilities.

The Code of Conduct provides members, guests and visitors with guidance on the standards of behaviour that are expected of them while they are on the Club premises. This dress code is referenced in the Code of Conduct.

Members, guests volunteers and visitors shall:

  • wear footwear when on the club premises;
  • Swimming attire may be worn outside the Club (Destroyer Bar is acceptable but not inside the Club) until 6pm;
  • After 6 pm, patrons shall wear a shirt, shorts, dress, top and skirt, slacks or other suitable attire; and
  • Hats, caps and swimming attire shall not be worn inside the bar and dining room of the main building.

The Dress Code is actively monitored and enforced by the Club and applies at all times when members, guests and visitors are on the club premises.

If there is a non-compliance with this code, the Club may initiate disciplinary action, which may include refusal of entry, a verbal warning, or further action as decided by the Board. The disciplinary action will be in accordance with the Club’s constitution and by-laws.

You are deemed to accept the Code of Conduct when you enter the club premises.

If you do not accept the Code of Conduct, you must leave the club premises immediate