LSC Board

Flag Officers

CommodoreMaria Anderson  (Imagination)
Vice CommodoreMark McCamley (Seas the Day)
Rear CommodoreRod Caldwell (Arietta)
SecretaryPeter Shepherd (Congo)
TreasurerMaria Anderson


DirectorKen Allsop  (Coral Lady)
DirectorLee Shannon-Delaney
DirectorRob Smith (Lady D)

Bay Outings and Cruise Committee

Rod Caldwell

Building & Maintenance Committee

Mark McCamley (Chair)
Ken Allsop
Ronnie King

Communications Committee

Maria Anderson (Chair) 

Fishing Section

Ivan Smyth-Kirk (Captain)  (Ngalawa 7)

Game Fishing Section

Greg Barnett (Captain) (Red Dog)

House & Social Committee

Maria Anderson (Chair) 
Michael Sullivan


Lee Shannon-Delaney (Chair)
Maria Anderson 


Commander Fiona Southwood
Commanding Officer – HMAS Moreton

Naval Liason and Protocol

Alan Early