As mentioned in the Secretary’s Report at the 2021 Annual General Meeting, the Constitution is being modernised and simplified to accord with current laws and good practice.

The redrafting of the Constitution was provided by Mullins Lawyers who specialise in Constitution Law.

The brief to Mullins was to:

1.       Ensure that the Constitution complies with current laws;

2.       Convert to plain English;

3.       Updated objects;

4.       Remove from the body of the Constitution those matters that would normally be included in By-laws or responsibility statements so that changes could be effected to those documents without a Special General Meeting;

5.       Create schedules at the back of the Constitution to deal with Reserve Matters and items that may require a Special General Meeting so that changes could be made without impacting the body of the document;

6.       Include in Reserve Matters such items as borrowings, asset acquisition and disposal, overdraft facilities and investments;

7.       Extend the term of Flag Officers and Board members to 2 years with only 50% changing at any time to provide continuity;

8.       Remove from the Board the Section Captains so that they are not required to become Board members with all the risks that involves; and

9.       Change disciplinary procedures to be consistent with current arrangements of other Clubs in Queensland.

Draft Constitution

The draft Constitution and related documents are available below:

  1. Draft Constitution (view here)
  2. Responsibility Statements  (view here)
  3. Disciplinary Procedures  (view here)
  4. Current Constitution (view here)


The Board will be arranging for briefings on these changes over the next few months with the intended program:

  • May 2022 – Provide the Draft Constitution and associated documents to the Members via email (done)
  • July 2022 – Feedback Session 1 – to be held near Cleveland (venue and date to be advised)
  • August 2022 – Feedback Session 2 – to be held near Cleveland (venue and date to be advised)
  • September 2022 – Special General Meeting to vote on Constitution update.

 Next steps

You are welcome to provide comments on the updated documents to by 30 June 2022 for discussion at the first Feedback Session.


Peter Shepherd