AFLOAT Full MembersVisitors
Main pontoon (60m)
<10m vesselNo charge$65/night
10-15m vesselNo charge$80/night
<15m vesselNo charge$100/night
Side pontoon (40m)
<=6mNo charge$40/night
Swing moorings
Use of one of four LSC swing moorings in One MileNo chargeNo access
Cancellation fee
A cancellation fee will only be charged if booking is not cancelled by lunchtime of the day the booking commences. *$50$50
FOB access card
24hr access card to the Club to use the amenities$35$50 (deposit)

(* Some people are not cancelling bookings, and this is causing frustration for others who were unable to book.  We are charging a $50 cancellation fee if you do not advise by phone or email of a cancellation.)

LSC Yachties Bistro
LSC Garden Bar
Member Discountsn/a
Loyalty Pointsn/a
Club Burgeen/a
Club Merchandise & Gifts
Entertainment & Public Events****
Room / Venue HireDiscountedNormal rate
Laundry Facilities
Emergency Accommodationn/a
BBQ (Covered Outdoor) Facilities @Fee applie

Please note:
* Must be pre-booked by Members.
** Mooring fee per full day or part thereof; subject to space availability.
^ Members’ Security Tokens are for Full, Senior & Associate Members’ use only.
*** Refunded on return of FOB.
**** Cover charge or ticket price may apply to some events.
@ Complimentary for Full Members, fees for Social Members and Visitors; please review LSC BBQ area rules.

# Please review the LSC pontoon and moorings PDF for full access rules and usage guidelines for these facilities.

Membership Benefits

Any level of LSC membership – Full, Senior, Associate or Social – entitles Members to a range of benefits, discounts and access to Club facilities. 

Whether you are a frequent boating user, regular holiday visitor or occasional weekend day-tripper, the benefits of our attractively-priced memberships should be pleasantly apparent after your first experience of our special little corner of Moreton Bay.

All applications will be followed-up by contact from LSC to verify details and will be considered at the next monthly LSC Board meeting.

Additional Information

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