Water Safety

Enjoying the ocean, swimming in lakes, rivers and dams is great fun, but comes with hidden dangers, many of which can cause serious injuries.

Please prepare and take care.


Check The Weather

No smart boating enthusiast heads out without being fully informed of the weather conditions for the route there, the destination and the way home. 

This includes proper knowledge about the day’s tidal conditions, winds and other potential hazards.

Even though this is basic common sense, it happens all too often that boat crews get surprised by adversely changing weather conditions in a short period of time, sometimes to their detriment.


Check Your Equipment

Whether your communication equipment, rescue and emergency gear, or having sufficient water and nutrition; being prepared for unforeseen events is key.

Never leave the shore without it.


Inform Someone

Never go on board without informing somebody on land about your intentions, whereabouts and expected timing. 
This has saved many lives when equipment failed and searches were able to be initiated based on agreed arrivals not having happened…

Take Care Of These Creatures

Stone Fish

Stonefish are the most venomous of all fishes. The stonefish has 13 sharp strong dorsal fin spines that are contained within a sheath of thick skin. To prevent stonefish stings, sturdy footwear should be worn on reef flats.

Sharks and more Sharks

Of the over 400 species of sharks around the world, 170 of them are found in Australian waters, with more than 50 species calling the coast of Queensland home.

While many are harmless, some species are best avoided.

Check out the “Shark Identification Guide” by the Queensland government.

Blue Ring Octopus

Species of Blue-ringed Octopus are common in marine waters around Moreton Bay. The common species here is Hapalochlaena fasciata.

All species are very dangerous and, as a result of bites, there have been at least two fatalities and
several near fatalities.

Check out the Queensland Museum’s “Fact Sheet” to learn more.


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